Colored print. A man and woman sit in a 1910s living room. The man is leaning back in horror as a column of fire and light burns a hole through the floor, the newspaper in his hands, and presumably the ceiling. The woman stares on in a look of shock with an open mouth.

Easily organize email with sub-addressing

Email isn’t going anywhere. No matter how many alternative protocols and chat clients we create. This is not without its reason. It integrates with automation and bots, is an exportable archive of conversations, and makes it easy to include new people in the conversation. Except there is the issue of the all-too-real 200+ a day inbox. A while back, while playing with a Postfix mail server (as you do), I came across an interesting thing called sub-addressing that can help with automatically organizing emails....

May 2, 2023
Engraved black and white illustration. Two men stand bendt over an old chest, holding up the lid and lighting up the inside with a candle. Inside is a third man wearing glasses, possibly hiding. In the background a woman looks through the doorway into the three men, holding her own hands in an expectant, possibly nervous, gesture

NUsh Neocities Uploader Script

[Ed.2022-11-05: replaced github/gitlab links with codeberg link] If you were to browse one of the GeoCities archives you might stumble across one of my old homepages. One being an ITC Class project providing (poorly written) walkthroughs for a handful of adventure games, the other being a classic early-2000s GIF and MIDI meddle. The joy of making my own homepage, making mistakes and breaking things while learnig, is one of many reasons I gravitated towards Neocities for my web hosting, as opposed to the multitudtrue At first it was all fun and games....

October 24, 2021
Black and white engraved illustration. A man in early 1900s clothing stands with his back to us, his hand grasping a large lever. In front of him stands a large mechanical printer. Its sides a collection of sprockets, gears and wheels.

Bar Code Linkology for Print

Way back on the 12th of January 2021 Matt Webb over at Interconnected published a post about using printed QR codes for links in books. Give it a read—its a fantastically nerdy and good natured post, and The Gods know we are short on those online these days. It also links to some fantastic experiments in using QR codes in print for footnoted sources. When reading printed articles and essays it is often a good idea to glance at the source material, if only to make sure it is actually real ....

April 28, 2021
Black and white comic book illustration. An audience looks on as a man presents some sort of invention. A large phonebox looking device, inside which appears a confused and shocked man, possibly a clone of one of the other men in the audience judging by their reacton and simmilarities.

The U+000D Adventure

Welcome to The Infrequency. This time around, we’re going on a bit of an adventure. A little while ago I stumbled across AI Dungeon 2—a procedurally generated piece of interactive fiction with a rather special neural network behind it. In theory every adventure is different, every story unique, as it responds to your input. In a way it is that game every kid has dreamt of, a wide open world where you are not limited by the paths pre-programmed by the creators....

May 21, 2020