Hurdy Gurdy

No, not the song by Donnovan. Though definitely on the same level of pure awesome greatness. The hurdy gurdy, a drone instrument, is the love child of a violin and an organ grinder. Crank operated it creates a drone bass note, on top of which you pluck, layer and press the remaining strings to create something quite fantastic. Originating back in medieval times, before the advent of electronic amplification, the hurdy gurdy could be so large it required two people to operate....

September 19, 2020

The Wave Rolls Back the Tide Breaks

Strap in folks, this is going to be a looongform post. It is highly recommended that you stock up on snacks and have a cup of $your_drink_of_choice close at hand. It will be a trek. People are slowly leaving the social media platforms, a feeling of the rebirth of the early net is in the air. Or at least we are slowly waking up to the possibility of some kind of alternative....

June 15, 2020
Black and white engraved illustration. A humanoid creature covered in scaled and with horns upon its head hunches over something, a trident held in its hand. A true monster of the deep.

Solar Golems

The following piece of fiction was inspired by Coordinated Universal Time—a podcast of five episodes released between May and December 2019. It was an experimental concoction of sounds, music and speech. The blurb for the podcast read: Coordinated Universal Time is a sonic collage of foxfire-side readings, thinking machines, disembodied conversations, music we found in this world or made in another. Deep time reverberations and field recordings from the front lines of a future held in common....

May 26, 2020
Black and white comic book illustration. An audience looks on as a man presents some sort of invention. A large phonebox looking device, inside which appears a confused and shocked man, possibly a clone of one of the other men in the audience judging by their reacton and simmilarities.

The U+000D Adventure

Welcome to The Infrequency. This time around, we’re going on a bit of an adventure. A little while ago I stumbled across AI Dungeon 2—a procedurally generated piece of interactive fiction with a rather special neural network behind it. In theory every adventure is different, every story unique, as it responds to your input. In a way it is that game every kid has dreamt of, a wide open world where you are not limited by the paths pre-programmed by the creators....

May 21, 2020