Photograph showing the brightly lit windows of vending machines displaying the goods available, with the dark silhouetes of people infront of them.


A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR Autonomous corporations are a truly scary thought. Not only from a papercilp optimizer stand point (a less story/more sober explanation here) but looking at the horrifying DOA experiments going on. Tell me a DOA doesn’t seem like the perfect instrument for creating a paperclip optimizer. Imagine if the giant corporations we have today were hard-coded with the values of a hundred years ago, or a black-box autonomous corporation bot bought enough shares and futures to tank the world financial market....

March 7, 2022
Black and white engraved illustration. A humanoid creature covered in scaled and with horns upon its head hunches over something, a trident held in its hand. A true monster of the deep.

Solar Golems

The following piece of fiction was inspired by Coordinated Universal Time—a podcast of five episodes released between May and December 2019. It was an experimental concoction of sounds, music and speech. The blurb for the podcast read: Coordinated Universal Time is a sonic collage of foxfire-side readings, thinking machines, disembodied conversations, music we found in this world or made in another. Deep time reverberations and field recordings from the front lines of a future held in common....

May 26, 2020